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Short and Sweet: This Year’s Trends

Like clothes and makeup, hair trends come and go. 2013 was the year of the pixie cut and bob, but what should we expect to see in 2014?  Don’t worry, the bob is not leaving the runway anytime soon.  Rather, the traditional bob is being replaced with the “brave” bob.

The brave bob is just a few inches shorter and ends just above the chin.  Another face framing favorite is the shag, a blunt cut with choppy layers that add texture and volume.  A new take on the “chili bowl” haircut of years past is the bowl cut fringe.  Although this may not be a favorite of 2014, we expect it to make it splash with its super thick blunt fringe.

Sleek, slicked back hair reminiscent of the nineties will top the lists for 2014. The glossy boy hairdo features a hint of a pixie crop but with the added side part and lots of product.  This hairstyle is a quick, easy cut for businesswomen on the go as it can be styled when wet. In fact, the wearable wet look is another trend we’ll see this new year. It features wet hair left to dry with little product in and locks loosely hanging down. For longer hair, you can also pull back the center into a clip or bobby pin and spritz it with some hairspray for the same sleek look.

Halloween Costumes with Ab Fab Hair…And no, we don’t mean Patsy.

A little Cyndi Lauper, a little Madonna, a little David Bowie. The 80’s are back, baby. Which brings us to this year’s hottest Halloween trend. The 80’s throwback. Sweatbands, teased hair, and lots of neon colors make for a fun costume that’s not just chic but also easy to wear. So heft that boom box and blast Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. Break out the hairspray, ladies and gentleman, it’s time to do some serious backcombing and the higher, the better. Consider the banana clip, a bandana, or even A Flock of Seagulls. Go wild, darlings!

Okay, so maybe a Goonies tribute isn’t your thing. Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional Halloween costume? i.e. A vampire? Try a black outfit with prominent highlights of dark red on natural hair or all black hair to boot. You could also glitter it up “Twilight” style.

The local gypsy is a nice get up that requires straightened hair and choppy bangs with intermittent braided strips. This is not only fun but also a little bit flirty. Layered skirts and peasant tops whisper a hint of sexy. Add a few feathers to your hair to really kick it up a notch.

Dressing up may or may not be your favorite past time, but knowing how and what to accessorize can aid in a fantastic Halloween look. Be creative and remember that your hair is a monumental accessory that you can use to put together a great costume! Trick or Treat!

Fall Hair Trends

The hidden braid. Adding a subtle braid to your look can really punch it up. Take a two-inch section of hair on one side of your center part, braid it tightly and secure with a clear elastic.

The sculpted bun. Part your hair down the middle and create a low, tight ponytail. Twist the loose hair into a tight bun and pin neatly against the base of the head. Finish with a Bumble and bumble finishing spray to control flyaways.

Rich waves. Curl large from pieces away from the face with a curling iron then tease the undersides all around the head. To finish, pull a large section at the top front, pushing forward slightly to create a slight bump then secure with bobby pins.

Swept back. To get this slicked look, tie your hair into a loose ponytail. Smooth dry wax over the top of the head and spray with hair spray over that. Remove the elastic and brush the ends