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The Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian Blowout is a temporary hair straightening method in which liquid keratin and a preservative are sealed into the hair with a styling iron, causing the product to be contained within the hair.  This treatment actually protects the hair by sealing it in a protective protein layer.  Depending upon the salon and the length of your hair, this trend can be costly. However, many advocate that the treatment is well worth the cost and the freedom of hassle-free locks.  When applied correctly, this treatment can tame the most untamable hair. However, it is imperative to find a properly trained stylist to apply as improper application can cause a runny nose, burnt or fried hair, and headaches caused by the chemicals.

Originating in Brazil, the Brazilian Blowout has become a trendy treatment for woman nationwide wanting to rid themselves of dry, frizzy hair.  For example, even after spending a summer by the pool, the Brazilian Blowout straightens hair allowing it to shine and flow freely.  This simple hair treatment can be performed on all types of chemically treated, non-treated hair or anyone who seeks to straighten curly, wavy hair and eliminate frizz.  Although salons do not guarantee 100% straight hair, most will agree that a correctly applied Brazilian Blowout will eliminate approximately 80% of the curl, wave, and frizz in hair.  Although some products have a brief waiting period after treatment, most allow you the freedom to go about your day and style your hair as you please.  Most Brazilian Blowouts will last about three months.

Fall Hair Trends (Contd)

The messy headband. Set a messy bun at the crown of the head using texturing spray and teasing the hair at the top of the head. Pull the hair into a bun and place a headband two inches back from the hairline.

Hairline braid. The most stylish way to keep hair out of your eyes. Take a two to three inch section of hair from the part and twist it into a French braid along the side of the head. Tie with a clear elastic and tuck it behind your ear.

The rumpled braid. Start with a tight ponytail at the nape, back-comb the length of the tail, loosely braid it then squeeze and twist the braid’s end, tying it together with an elastic.

Braided crown. Part your hair down the center, make a small braid on each side starting from behind the ears. Pull both braids over one another and pin them tightly against the top of the head.

Blow Dryer: The Basics

We won’t beat around the bush. The cut is number one. If you don’t have that, then the rest is moot. But proper blow-drying and the right products are part of the fundamentals.

Begin by gathering a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment, leave-in conditioner, detangler, round brush, comb, salon clips, and protective serum or heat serum.  After shampooing your hair, spray in a leave-in conditioner or detangler and begin by combing through your hair to prevent any ripping or pulling throughout the blow-drying process.  Beautiful, healthy hair is always the number one goal!

Next, use the round brush and blow dryer to blow-dry the bangs and crown section of your head.  The wetter the hair is when you begin to blow-dry, the more control that you have in styling; this also helps to tame those unruly cowlicks.  Stretch the hair from side to side when blow-drying to increase flexibility of the part and styling.  Separate the rest of the hair into manageable sections and use the salon clips to fasten it in place.  Apply very little of the hair serum from the middle to the ends only.  Consult your hair stylist for recommendations regarding the best product for your hair needs.  Remember, hair needs to be protected too. Hair serum is like sunscreen or moisturizer for your hair!

Evenly blow-dry and brush each section beginning with the nape of the neck area up to the top of the back of your head, and then the sides.  When drying the sides, be sure that all hair is evenly stretched across the brush. Otherwise, you may get an unwanted wave.  Also, be sure to tame the flyaway strands by blow-drying them underneath the longer, heavier hairs and then applying a small amount of hairspray if necessary.  If the look is too put together for your taste, tip your head over and back up for a more piece-y finish.