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Oh, that Devilish Pixie!

First made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, the pixie cut has been a timeless hairstyle worn by women of all ages.  Goldie Hawn later sported the pixie. Today’s celebrities wear the pixie cut in style.  Anne Hathaway, Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry, and Rihanna have all made the pixie cut look glamorous throughout the years.  The pixie cut is a hairstyle that is short in the back and sides with longer locks on the top.  Pixies can range in style and length. They can be messy or quite feminine.  Additionally, the pixie cut is versatile as it is easy to maintain but can be dolled up for a distinctive look.

The feathered pixie has many layers with long side burns and soft bangs that give a feminine touch.  This pixie has bangs that swoop to the side and must be blow dried in the same manner.  The rest of your hair is simply blow dried upward and away from your face.  Finally, use your fingers to put any out of control tresses in place, hairspray lightly, and wear.  This pixie is a quick and easy style for anyone on the go.

The pixie shag is cut very short, making the styling process a breeze.  The “shag” is created by using a razor to cut the hair into the zig-zag pattern that allows it to lie flawlessly.  The pixie shag is perhaps the easiest of the pixies to style as you simply pull your bangs forward and blow dry all of your hair.  A bit of hairspray may be necessary to hold the ‘do in place

Jell Salon Coming Soon!


We’re so pleased to announce the upcoming opening of our Preston Sherry Plaza location in early April!


Jell Salon at Preston Sherry is a cutting edge facility designed with the client’s comfort in mind.

“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.”

And that is exactly what we are. A passionate purpose. Or purposely passionate. Or both. Yes, we’re definitely both.

We possess a passion for improving hair, makeup and nails and through that, enhancing the mind. It is our purpose. Each one of us thrives on reviving and reforming every person so that before they leave our salon, they feel we’ve surpassed their expectations.

8201 Preston Rd #110, Dallas, TX ‎
Preston Sherry Plaza

The Ombre

Originating from the French word “ombre,” meaning shadow, shade, or gradient, the Ombre hairstyle is a color fading strategy from dark to light or vice versa.  Typically dyed hair is one color from the roots to the tips with the exception of highlights or lowlights.  Although dyed hair is still a desirable style, the Ombre is taking highlights and lowlights to another level, making your hair pop.  Your luminous locks will gradually become lighter or darker towards the ends, depending on your liking. The Ombre is a stylish hairstyle that allows you to go bold or natural.  Either way, it’s a low maintenance hairdo that is trendy and youthful.

Often referred to as “dip and dye,” the Ombre is a complex hair treatment procedure that is turning heads everywhere.  It is most commonly seen on the runways and in every noted fashion magazine.  Perhaps the Ombre is the hottest new hair trend because it allows for so many different options.  Consider the Soft Caramel Dream, the ultimate beach babe look that can go from work to play in minutes.  The Soft Caramel Dream can be a great option for any skin tone and often looks great in a partial, curly updo.  Another classic, the Reverse Ombre, keeps the light blonde color up top and fades to a darker brown.  While this makes for an edgy look, the Reverse Ombre can also conceal split-end damage caused by overtreatment.  No matter the style you chose, the Ombre is sure to turn heads!