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Over the Counter vs the Salon Professional Hair Dye

Lately there has been much debate over the success of over-the-counter hair dyes and colors versus salon hair color.  This continues to be the case as some argue over the cost and others argue over the safety of the chemical makeup.

While box hair dyes only cost five to ten dollars, salon hair coloring can range anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars. The difference in the quality of the product and application really just depends.  Although some over the counter hair dyes do contain harsh chemicals, most are safe and effective for your hair if used in the correct manner under perfect conditions.  It has been noted that most home hair color has ammonia and is made up of twenty percent peroxide. Both ammonia and peroxide can cause damage to the hair.

Much of the amount that we pay at salons for professional hair coloring is for their training and knowledge of chemistry. Professional hair stylists do work with much of the same dyes. However, they are able to custom mix the product so that you get the best results possible. Cosmetologists take into account your natural hair color, hair texture, and any previous color applications. Unfortunately, many people stroll into their local superstore and select a color on a box that they want their hair to be without regard to the above factors and they are often left dissatisfied.  Many return back to the superstore so to color their hair again and end up with a banding of colors that look dreadful and have damaged their hair beyond repair.

New York Fashion Week



It’s New York Fashion Week, darlings! And the focus is on Spring and Summer of 2014. We’ve noticed several trends so far in bold furs, heavy textures, and edgy sportswear. Mens-wear inspired tailoring as well as reds and pinks topped the list of many designers.  A salute to the nineties seemed to be the major theme to all designer’s shows in mesh, pop colors, and chunky footwear. Continuing along that same theme, many designers opted for dark lips, pale cheeks, and slicked tresses. Raid your sister’s closets, girls, the 90′s are back.

“We’re stuck in a path. Where fashion is fast.” – Travis, Tied to the 90′s