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Hair Care Doesn’t Stop at Conditioning

A good shampoo and conditioner are pivotal to the care of your hair, yes, but many of us put that hair through the ringer with styling tools, dryers, elastics, etc.

Recently, we’ve discovered a rather ingenious product that is sure to please any frizzy lady or gentleman. Phyto Phytobaume Réparateur. Only nineteen dollars at, this lovely little bottle can repair even those of us who sport that oh-so-gorgeous finger-in-the-socket look.

After washing, coat from root to tips with a quarter sized portion of the hydrating conditioner, blowdry the length then rinse. “Heat allows the conditioner to really penetrate from the inside out,” hairstylist Luca Blandi explains.
The product recommends daily use but Blandi suggests using only two to three times a week to prevent hair from becoming “flat and greasy”.

Olive Oil is Your New Bestie

Olive oil. Oh my word is it lovely on a bit of bruschetta with tomato and basil. Ah! Mamma mia!


Anyway, it’s also considered a gift of nature for its many natural uses including being beneficial for your hair. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which safeguard the keratin in your strands as well as trap moisture and promote growth.

Grab the EVOO, a hair cap courtesy of your grandmother, and thirty minutes, darlings!

Heat the oil in the microwave then work it through the length from root to tip of dry hair. Wrap hair tightly in the cap or towel, if you lack one, because warmth and humidity are vital for the oil to absorb. Set the timer for thirty minutes. (Now’s a good time to kick on the old tube and watch your fav episode of Absolutely Fabulous!) Say goodbye to Edina and wash with a sulfate-free shampoo. If needed, wash with several applications to remove the oil entirely.

A tip! If you have thinner hair, blend olive oil and an egg yoke as the added protein can strengthen the hair, and lemon juice. For especially dry hair, add honey.

X Marks the Spot

“Out, damned spot!” We’ve all got a little Lady Macbeth in us, don’t we?

Because, girl, we’ve got occasional acne! I know, I know, you’re too old to have acne, right? But Mother Nature says otherwise. Which begs the question, what in the world do we do about it? I mean, we’re doing everything we’re supposed to. Eight glasses of water a day? Check! Cleansing our faces? Check! Moisturizing? Check! Zeno? Check! And yet, the occasional one slips through. So, again, we ask, what can we possibly do about it if visiting the dermatologist is just not feasible every day?

According to Mona Gohara, M.D. of Advanced DermCare in Danbury, Conneticut, the solution is simple. She recommends a quick fix! Over the counter cortisone cream. “You shouldn’t have to suffer,” says Gohara. “Put it on the spot at night, and the next morning it will be reduced to the point where it can be easily concealed.”

Thank you Dr. Gohara, I believe you just saved us a morning of anxiety.