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Beauty Hacks Series: Coconut Oil

Next up in our Beauty Hacks Series is the ever popular coconut oil. Coconut oil seems to be popular amongst the au-natural but we wanted to know if it really worked and worked well. This beauty hack we tried ourselves and we’ll let you know what we thought at the end of the article.

The online claim: Coconut addicts swear by this oil as a versatile moisturizer, cleanser, and by some, a mouth wash.

True or False: True and False.

“Coconut oil is very emollient,” says Dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, speaking of a study that showed that eczema patients responded better to coconut oil than mineral oil. Though there are lots of oils that work well as a makeup remover, Dr. Sherber doesn’t recommend using coconut oil as a cleanser. “I’ve seen patients follow coconut-oil-cleansing tips on Pinterest and come in with atrocious acne,” she says. Watch out for false advertising when it comes to the oil being a “natural sun protection.” Sherber reassures us that they are not good replacements for moisturizers with a proven SPF rating, further indicating that the oil could actually cause reflective sun damage to the skin instead. And the mouth wash? Well Dr. Forbes says, “You’re not going to hurt yourself, but you’ll spend twice as long doing dental hygiene as you would otherwise.”

JELL Experience: The mouth wash version made us gag and we saw no results there. We didn’t even attempt using it as a makeup remover based on what Dr. Sherber said, but we did try it as a daily skin moisturizer (not on our face!) and we found that it did make our skin feel smoother and, honestly, it smelled lovely!

Beauty Hacks Series: Carrot Oils

Next up in our Beauty Hacks Series is the essential benefits of vitamin A and E rich carrot derivatives that protects and nourishes the skin of your whole body.

The online claim: Carrot oil is effective as a moisturizer as well as sun protection.

True or False: True and False.

According to Dr. Marmur, the oil may work well as a nutrient-rich leave-in conditioner, but it is most definitely not an effective protectant against the sun’s harmful rays. “It’s like putting on baby oil. You could actually end up burning your scalp,” Marmur says. “I recommend vitamin A to improve skin and hair, but you have to ingest it.”

Beauty Hacks Series: Pepto-Bismol

Next up in our Beauty Hacks Series is a rather strange one and how anyone came up with this as an option is beyond us unless it was a chemist which we’re hoping was the case.

The online claim: Long time fixture of the stomach cure medicinals, Pepto-Bismol doubles as a swift pore-tightening remedy.

True or False: True!

Dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, MD, says that Pepto as a facial mask is “kind of a cool hack.” The active ingredient is bismuth subsalicylat and a cousin of salicylic acid, an acne fighting ingredient common in most acne treatments. Beta hydroxy acid in bismuth subsalicylat clarifies pores and regenerates skin layers. “Pepto exfoliates and mattifies the skin, like a super-awesome pore strip,” Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, says, “but it could be too drying” for anyone but those with the most oily skin. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to aspirin or mineral makeup, this may not be the quick fix for you as Pepto contains bismuth, a common ingredient found in them.