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The Illusiveness of Perfect Skin

Is perfect skin an urban legend?  Does one simply have to be born with it, or can anyone achieve epidermal excellence?  Well, you’ll be happy to know that defectless derma can belong to anyone; you just need to know how to obtain and maintain.

The number one rule to perfect skin is to eat and drink right.  Makes sense if you think about it, because what you put in to your body will only be reflected on the outside.  We all know that some foods can have negative consequences for your skin, but did you know that drinks can as well?  Over-indulging in alcohol can lead to dehydration, which can in turn make you look….older.  GASP!  This can be counteracted by making sure that you drink enough water every day.  It will make a huge difference in your complexion and keep your skin supple.

Another rule of thumb: wash it!  And we’re not just talking your face.  Of course, keeping your face clean is important, but think about all the things that your face touches over the course of a day.  Your phone, your hands, your pillowcases, even!  Make sure to keep any surface that comes in contact with your phone clean, and wash your sheets and pillowcases about once a week to keep them fresh.

Sleep.  It seems like it’d be an easy rule to keep on top of, as sleep is pretty awesome.  But, most of us don’t get enough of it and it’s important to get enough rest in order for your body to replenish and restore, including your skin!  Not to mention, when rested and not rushed you can take the time to take care of yourself and follow the next important rule…

Skincare.  It’s not just about washing and moisturizes, though those things are important.  It’s also about knowing how to do it right.  For instance, which products should you use and in what order?  It can get a little complex, but the good news is that by establishing a routine, it will become second nature. A general rule of thumb is to apply product to your face from lightest to heaviest, and give time between each application in order for each product to work.  In the morning, it should go serum, targeted treatments, all over treatments, moisturizer and SPF.  In the evenings, apply Serum or Retinol, targeted treatments and moisturizer.  Your skin will thank you.

Every woman should know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.  SPF should definitely be a part of your morning routine.  Even if you think you aren’t going to be in the sun, even the rays that make their way inside can have harmful effects over time to your skin.  Also, arming yourself with a good pair of sunglasses can help lend extra protection to the skin around your eyes, which is quite delicate and usually the first to show signs of aging, which can be accelerated by sun exposure.

Finally, keep the shower short.  Not just because you’re an earth conscious kind of girl and it saves water, but also because it is better for your skin.  Taking short, warm showers will keep your skin healthy and moisturized.  Also remember to make washing your face the last thing you do, so that residue from washing and conditioning your hair can be removed before you get out.

Following these simple guidelines can help your skin to be the best it can be.  Remember, take care of your skin, and it will take care of you!

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The Incredible Beauty Magic of…a spoon?

Spoons are a useful tool both in and out of the kitchen.  In fact, spoons can be a game changer in your beauty regimen.  Find that hard to believe?  Well, let’s unlock this little ladle’s beauty secrets!

Multi-tasking beauty tools are always a plus, and the spoon is the very definition of a multitasker.  Use it to apply makeup, get rid of under eye puffiness, and even treat emerging blemishes!  The spoon is simply spectacular.  Here’s a run-down of a few tricks and tips to silverware salvation.

Waking up with bags under your eyes can be a tough way to start your day, but now there is a solution.  Simply place two metal spoons in your freezer at night and in the morning place the backs of the spoons under your eyes and as close to the inner corners as possible.  Apply a bit of pressure and slowly glide the spoons toward the outer corners of your eyes.  This gliding movement helps to drain the fluid that’s pooling under your eye and the cold helps to minimize puffiness.  Bye-bye bags!

Another great trick to use a spoon for is to help apply your mascara.  You can use the spoon to act as a barrier between your lashes and skin.  Place the spoon against your skin and apply mascara as your normally would, but pressing your lashes against the spoon with the wand.  This will ensure full coverage and zero mess!

If you’re ever missing your eyelash curler, have no fear!  A spoon can be used in its stead.  Hold the spoon against your eyelid and using your thumb press your lashes against the rim of the spoon.  This creates a bend in the lashes and with leave you with perfectly curled, luscious lashes.

Contouring your face while applying makeup can be tricky, but a spoon will make it a snap. Place the inside of a spoon against the apple of your cheek.  Next, using the bottom edge of the spoon as a guide, apply contouring powder on the hollow of your cheek.  If you’re using a cream product for contouring, create a line from the tip of the spoon towards your ear.  Remove the spoon and blend your now perfectly placed product.

Uh-oh…is that a blemish you see on that beautiful face?  Well, you can a help heal a new pimple by using a spoon!  Simply heat a spoon under hot water to a level that will be comfortable holding against your skin.  Place it against the affected area until it cools off.

There you have it, useful utensil know-how that every resourceful woman should know!

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Concealer & Foundation

Elsa’s mantra from Frozen rings true of many a makeup woe, “Conceal, don’t feel”.  But still the grand philosophical makeup question remains; what comes first, the concealer or the foundation?  Turns out, that depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Generally, the foundation needs to come first, and then apply concealer. If you apply concealer first, too much may be applied, which can look cakey and unnatural.  The only time an exception should be made to this beauty edict is if you are trying to cover scars, under eye circles or blemishes.  In this case, apply the concealer first.  If applying around the delicate skin of the eye, make sure to work in the direction of the muscles fibers to avoid stretching of the area. Tap the concealer on, working from the outside of the eye in to the nose. To counteract dark circles, use a peach or yellow undertone.  For red, to cover broken capillaries or blemishes, use a green concealer.  These colors will help to neutralize the colors the concealer is trying to conceal.

When applying the foundation, the tool of choice is a cosmetic sponge.  A sponge will ensure even and flawless coverage without streaking.  Because honestly, once past college, who really wants to streak?  Remember the aim here is even coverage, not an impervious mask.  Using a sponge will ensure a very natural looking coverage.  There’s no need to apply it to the neck either, rather go to just under the jawline to blend.  Also, don’t forget the golden rule of foundation: less is best!

When applying concealer after foundation, using a synthetic brush will work best. After applying with a brush, blend with your fingers.  Now, dust lightly with a translucent powder to give a matte finish and hold the coverage in place. Be warned, however, that if you have exceptionally dry skin you will not want to apply a powder.  They tend to draw moisture up and out of the skin.

So, there you have it!  The perfect way to apply the foundation for your beauty regimen! Let it go!

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