About Us

Our Mission

We like fun, my darlings! We like curling irons and flat irons and makeup and nail polish and all that glitters and gold!

Before we burst into song, though, let us tell you a little about what we’re all about. Our goal is to enhance your beauty through an enriching salon experience by delivering exceptional service with our state of the art facility and cutting edge techniques. Our professionals offer services using only the finest products that will transform you into your ideal self.

Our commitment to training our employees is the number one key to ensuring success and customer satisfaction. We’ve built staff loyalty by offering a competitive benefits package, positive work environment as well as the latest technology and training, so that each employee will be confident in their role at JELL.

Now, for the song. E-flat, maestro!


“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.”

And that is exactly what we are. A passionate purpose. Or purposely passionate. Or both. Yes, we’re definitely both.

We possess a passion for improving hair, makeup and nails and through that, enhancing the mind. It is our purpose. Each one of us thrives on reviving and reforming every person so that before they leave our salon, they feel we’ve surpassed their expectations.


Our Pledge: Beauty, Consistency, and Fun! Through these we can assure an experience of skill, reliance and happiness. Plus, one amazing head of hair when you step into the sun again! P.s. We’re not liable for any wrecks you cause by just your mere presence while walking down the street.

Princess For A Day

Princess for a Day is an annual event where we take the deserving, the underprivileged, and girls suffering from illness, ages five to thirteen, and give them a full spa treatment for a day along with other treats and goodies!

The goal is to let these young girls know how special they are and every little girl deserves to know that. We pamper and puff with sugar and spice and everything nice and create lots of happiness. So much happiness, in fact, that they leave tiny trails of confidence all the way to hope and self-esteem.

Our next event is Sunday, October 5th, 2014 from 3-5pm. If you know someone who is deserving or would like to participate, please contact us. In your email submission, describe your nominee’s challenges and why they’re so special to you!