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Why is my Hair Thinning?

It’s not something a lot of women talk about, but the truth is that men are not the only ones that have to worry about thinning hair.  The reasons you may be losing your hair vary, it could be as simple as the food you’re eating or as complex as the stress in your everyday life, but knowledge is power so familiarize yourself with the reasons why women may be losing hair so you can do something about it.

Women have a lot of stress in their everyday lives.  From work to family commitments to physical changes, stress can impact the way your body operates.  Hair growth happens in three stages: growth, rest and shedding.  When you are stressed your hair actually goes to the shedding phase more quickly.  This can cause more hair to fall out than is growing and can lead to hair loss. Emotional stress is different from physical stress, but can have an impact on your hair or make an existing problem worse.  Make sure if you’re going through situations that are likely to cause emotional stress, like the death of a loved one or divorce, you treat it.

Speaking of physical changes, pregnancy is a big one!  At any one time, about 90% of your hair is growing and the other 10% is in the resting phase.  Every two to three months the resting hair falls out to allow room for more hair to grow in its place.  During pregnancy, an increased number of hairs go into the resting phase and you may notice the shedding of more hair at once.  Do not fear!  This is totally normal and usually does not cause baldness, but if you feel that the hair loss you experience is unusual, as your doctor.  You could have a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Birth control pills can lead to hormone fluctuations, which can then lead to hair loss.  It’s not typical, but if you do experience hair loss when trying out a new pill, consult with your doctor to see if you can be switched to a pill that won’t cause it.

Vitamins and minerals are normally good for your hair, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad.  This is the case of vitamin A, which is found in liver, eggs, milk, cream and fish oil.  Too much vitamin A in your diet can cause hair loss.  The opposite is true of protein.  If you are experiencing hair loss, you may also not be getting enough protein in your diet, causing your body to use the energy it has for other important functions and not hair growth. So if you are experiencing issues it would do some good to take a look at what you’re eating and how much.

Anemia is a condition where your body does not have enough iron.  Symptoms can include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, cold hands and feet and also hair loss.  Your doctor can easily check to see if you are anemic and treat it with a supplement.

Heredity can also lead to baldness, not only in men but women as well.  If you suffer from a condition called androgenic alopecia, you may notice thinning and your part in your hair widening.  No worries, though, if you have this condition.  Medicine has several options to treat female hereditary baldness.

Illness can also cause hair loss.  Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland, which can have an impact on your metabolism, cause obesity, joint pain, heart disease and also hair loss.  If you think you may have this condition, your doctor can test for it easily and treat it.  Lupus is an autoimmune disease where your immune system goes into overdrive and begins to attack your own body.  Hair can be a casualty in the lupus war and can cause scarring in your hair follicle which won’t allow for hair to grow back.  Unfortunately, hair loss from lupus cannot be treated, but working with your stylist can help to optimize the hair you do have and cover any thinning spots.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of things that can cause hair loss, and while you’re trying to figure it out there are many things you can do every day to help keep your hair follicles and scalp healthy.  Use hair products like sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and try combing your hair instead of brushing it, as brushing tends to pull out more strands.  Let your hair air dry as much as possible and giving yourself a scalp massage (or, even better, getting someone else to do it for you) can help encourage circulation.  All of these things can help you to avoid losing hair.

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Science of Smelling Good

Feeling your best not only includes how your hair, nails and skin look, or the banging outfit you just bought, but also how good you smell. Body sprays, perfumes, lotions…they’re all part of a routine to make sure we present our best self to the world.  Turns out, there’s more to smelling nice than just putting a little bounce in our step.  There’s actually a scientific reason why we like to smell nice and like others who smell good too!

Attraction to other humans is something that takes place on a chemical level in our brains.  We give off pheromones, and when our brain likes the pheromones another person sends out it can lead to attraction and even feelings of love and empathy.  Of course, this all happens on a subconscious level that begins in our very own noses.

It’s been found, however, that scents not only attract you to other people (and other people to you) but they also change people’s perceptions of others.  Sounds pretty crazy, but the way you smell can actually have an effect on other people’s feelings and opinions of you.  Some research has even shown that women who smell spicy or floral are perceived to weigh less.  So, this New Year, instead of making a resolution about the gym, all you really need to do is change your perfume!

The bottom line really is this: smelling good not only instills confidence, but it turns out that it also impacts how the world sees you.  Feeling good and smelling nice are good for you and for the people around you, so next time you’re in the market for a new scent make sure you do your research.  Think about what kinds of things you want to come to you (a new love interest, a new job) and do your own scents experiment!

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Salon Experience

When you have a great experience at a salon, you leave with that shampoo commercial hair and feel the urge to throw your hat, a la Mary Tyler Moore, up into the air in exuberance.  When you have a bad salon incident, it may be more like a Shrek mud swamp experience.  There are ways you can stack the deck in your favor when it comes to a good salon experience.   Let’s shoot for more Mary Tyler Moore, shall we?

It all starts with the stylist.  When choosing a new stylist, it’s important to do your homework.  There are several online booking sites that allow you to get information on potential stylists in your area as well as see user reviews.  Word of mouth is also a great tool.  If a friend is raving about a stylist and their hair doesn’t look like they were involved in a tragic lawn maintenance accident, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Something else that helps is to show up with clean hair.  Washing your hair the day of your appointment will allow you to get the full effect of any treatments you may have done, such as coloring.  When hair is clean it allows for the dye to penetrate the hair more fully.

Also keep in mind, a stylist is not a mind reader.  Even the most experienced stylist needs to have some direction, so arm yourself with pictures.  Two or three images of the direction you want to go with your cut should be sufficient.  You may also want to pick a few that you definitely do NOT want.  It is your hair after all, so speak up and make clear what you want.

The saying “less is more” does not apply to your salon experience.  This is one of those situations in life where it is best to over-communicate.  Keep your eye on what the stylist is doing throughout the appointment and if you have questions, make your voice heard.  They are providing a service to you, and it’s something you are going to have to live with, so if you see something you don’t like happening, speak up!

It’s also important to be honest.  The best salon experience is almost entirely in your hands, so don’t ever walk out of a salon disappointed or unhappy with the service you’ve just received. If your cut or color is not up to your standards, ask the stylist what can be done to fix the problem.

Remember, the goal is a hat off salon experience, not hat on to hide.  Your hair is your distinction, so leave that salon happy, proud and feeling great!

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