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Great Lengths

Are you ready to go the distance –with your hair? Well, welcome to Great Lengths! Great Lengths is a safe, long lasting hair extension application technique that will take your mane from ordinary to extraordinary in one trip to the salon!

What Is It?

Great Lengths was discovered twenty years ago and while times may have changed, the supreme quality of Great Length extensions and application hasn’t. Great Lengths extension strands actually bond to your hair making it feel and look more natural. Plus, the possibilities of what you can do with Great Lengths are limitless!

What Can It Do For You?
Great Lengths extensions can be used to thicken your hair, and create length and dimension to your hair too. We only offer quality extensions that are available in intense and long lasting colors. Not to mention that the bonds created between your hair and the extensions are invisible and comfortable. You won’t even believe that the extensions aren’t your real hair, and no one else will be able to tell!

So, in a world where the quality of many hair extensions is sub-par and cut-rate, Great Lengths only offers the best. Talk to your hair care professional today about what Great Lengths extensions can do for you, and say hello to lush, beautiful and natural-looking locks.

Mother’s Day

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day; after all she got the perfect gift when she got you! Still, setting up your mom for a day of pampering and beauty is truly a gift that keeps on giving, so why not buy a gift certificate to Jell Salon and Lounge?
Jell makes buying a gift card simple. Simply get on the secure website, choose the amount or service (or package!) you wish to buy. Jell has a lot to choose from too. There are hair services from cut to color and everything in between. Or get her buffed and polished with a nail service that will leave her feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed! Jell also offers make-up applications, lessons, brow shaping and even eyelash extensions! The point is, your mother will find a service at Jell that will make her happy – and isn’t that the point of Mother’s Day?
Get online today and get a printable gift certificate to Jell for you mom today!

Hydrate Conditioner

It’s that time of year again – time for the temperatures to go up and your hair to dry out. What’s a on the go gal to do? Amika has come to the rescue with their Obliphica Hydrate Conditioner!

Lightweight and gentle, this conditioner smoothly detangles and rejuvenates hair with the latest in Amika technology. The velvety formula bathes hair in essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to return natural balance to your hair without weighing it down. It will protect your hair from free radicals and leave your locks soft, manageable and voluminous – ready for whatever life throws your way!
As always, Amika only uses the choicest ingredients for their hair products. You won’t find parabens or artificial colors, found in many beauty products, in Amika’s products. Natural, high quality ingredients that give your mane bounce without any nasty chemical side effects are what Amika delivers and what Jell proudly stands behind.
So ask your Jell professional today about Amika Obliphica Hydrate Conditioner!