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The Foundation of Your Face

Makeup is meant to enhance your natural features and beauty, and foundation is the – well—foundation of every woman’s makeup look.  It’s ok to admit it, you’ve seen the women whose foundation looks cakey and unnatural.  Luckily, it is pretty easy to avoid looking like you just graduated from Clown College.  Following a few simple tips and guidelines will keep your foundation looking natural and your skin flawless.

First, it’s important to prep your face, just like a painter would their canvas.  Excess oil will make your foundation cake up, so make sure that you have washed and removed the oil from your face before you set with powder.  After you’ve applied your foundation and concealer take an oil blotting sheet and gently blot oil or makeup away.

The next step is to get a large or small powder puff and lay it flat.  Put a small amount of loose, translucent powder on the center of the puff.  It is really important that you are using a colorless, transparent powder for this.  If you use a tinted powder it can alter the color of your foundation.

Now we get festive and make tacos!  Fold the edges of your puff together creating a taco shape, with the loose powder server as the taco filling.  Take both sides of the taco and rub them together, making sure that the powder is getting rubbed into the puff. Unfold the taco and fold together in the other direction and repeat this step.  This ensures that the powder covers the whole puff.

Unfold the taco and gently knock off any excess powder.  You don’t want to apply too much powder to your face – remember that we’re going for a natural look here – so give the puff a little flick on the underside to knock off any extra.

Now it’s time for the most crucial part of the process, the powder application.  Take the powdered puff and fold it into a taco again, this time with the powdered side on the outside of the taco.  Next, gently press and roll the puff onto the skin.  Avoid swiping, which will disturb the makeup underneath the powder.  Pressing and rolling basically locks the foundation and concealer into place.

Finish your now flawless look with a spritz from your favorite setting spray.  This serves a few purposes, as it knocks off lose powder and further locks the look into place.  Leaving your with a fresh face, no cakey mask in sight! Now who wants tacos?

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Award Winners

Just getting a great cut and color is not enough to ensure your hair stays healthy and happy; the product you use on your hair makes a difference too.  Here are a few award-winning products to add to your mane repertoire that have proven they go above and beyond average hair products.

Looking to get a little rise out of those roots?  Well, look no further!  Kérastase has Lift Vertige, a long-lasting and touchable root lifting gel, to help give you a boost without leaving your hair stiff.  It also adds shine and UV protection to keep those strands strong and healthy!  As an Allure “Best of Beauty” award winner in 2013, the experts think this is the cream of the crop when it comes to adding a little lift to that mop.

Need to add some shine and softness to those strands?  Well, Elixir Ultime is here to rescue those locks from the stresses of everyday styling.  Elixir Ultime is a versatile oil that can be used on all hair types before or after styling to inject luster, strength and suppleness. Another Allure “Best of Beauty” Award winner in 2012, Elixir Ultime will take your hair from ordinary to extraordinary.

Everyday styling paste can lead to stiff, sticky hair that no one wants to run their hands through.  It’s a good thing that Pate Capital Force is no everyday styling paste.  It delivers a medium moldable hold while still respecting your hair, delivering a special Taurine and D-Biotine technology that helps to fight against the enzymes responsible for men’s hair loss.  The boy’s over at Esquire agree that it’s a keeper, bestowing upon it their Grooming Award in 2010.

Ask your stylist at your next appointment about these phenomenal products!

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The Important Eyebrow

Eyebrows are one of those facial features that can have an impact on your entire face, for better or for worse.  They’re underestimated and sometimes overdone, but the eyebrow is kind of the unsung hero of facial features.  Purposeful as well as decorative, their use goes beyond just how they look!  Here are a few facts you may not know about your eyebrows.

Have you ever thought about what eyebrows are for, exactly?  They’re basically like umbrellas for your face!  They protect your peepers from sweat, rain and other things that could possibly run down your face and get into your eyes.

Psychologically speaking, your eyebrows play a part in facial recognition.  MIT did a study where participants were asked to recognize digitally altered faces of celebrities; some were without eyes while others were without eyebrows.  And guess what?  The participants were more likely to recognize the faces without eyes than the faces without eyebrows.  So, don’t freak out your friends and family by over-plucking and taking away a feature that, in their minds, makes you more you!

Brows have a pretty impressive life span too.  In an unplucked brow there can be up to 1,100 hairs.  The average lifespan of a brow hair is about four months from the time it takes to grow back in and fall out.

Since brows seem so important to your face, you should know how to pluck them.  For example, the best shape for your brow depends mostly on your face shape.  If you have a round face, you don’t want a rounded brow arch, but should instead opt for a more dramatic arch.  Heart shaped faces should go for a soft arch.  Square faces should have a more angular arch and oval faces do best with a defined brow.

If you opt to change your hair color did you know that you can change your brow color too?  Your colorist can dye your eyebrows to match your hair color or you can use pencils, pens, powders and gels to change your color.

Just like the hair on your head eyebrows can thin with age, so beware of how much your pluck!  Thinning brows can also be caused by hormonal changes, medical treatments and nutritional deficiencies.  So, care for and consider your brows just as much as you do the hair on your head!  They’re important!

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