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Masquintense Thick

Thick hair can be hard to manage. Sure, it’s lush and beautiful but it also can be difficult to keep moisturized, making it dry and unmanageable. Have no fear thick-tressed beauties! Kerastase has created Masquintense Thick just for you.
Masquintense Thick is designed to deliver nutrition to dry, thick hair. It intensely infiltrates the hair fiber with nourishment without weighing it down. It will keep your hair supple and deliver long-lasting protection against dryness.
You may be wondering how this can deliver moisture without weighing your hair down. Well, the fine folks over at Kerastase put a lot of research and technology into their products to bring you the finest products on the market to meet your individual hair needs. They’ve harnessed the power of nature with Iris Rhizome extract and dosage gluco-active 3, which not only protects hair but replenishes dry hair from the inside out. Their on-surface technology swathes each strand from foot to tip without weighing it down and their natural lipid conditioning agents and emollients deliver concentrated nutrients to each hair.
Masquintense Thick also couldn’t be easier to use! Just apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair, from about the mid-length to the ends, and massage through. Leave in for 5-10 minutes, rinse and you are ready to style!
So ask your hair care professional at Jell about Kerastase’s Masqintense Thick today!