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Many of the greatest inventions of all times have been stumbled upon by scientists trying to do something completely unrelated. The microwaves, the slinky, superglue, Velcro, X-rays were all accidental, and now Olaplex can be added to that list!
What is Olaplex? Basically, it’s a molecule that when added to hair color will prevent any breakage and helps to link broken strands back together again. You read that right – it will totally prevent any breakage and repair hair. It has been heralded as “the Holy Grail of Hair color” because it’s basically a miracle. No stylist will ever have to worry again about damaging a client’s hair every again!
Olaplex doesn’t just prevent breakage from hair color, but it’s also revolutionizing the beauty business by allowing hair color and treatments like permanent waves to be done in the same day. Olaplex keeps the hair in great condition throughout the treatments, whereas before your stylist would have been asking for a big, broken mess if your hair was put through so much in one day. So, it makes a day of beauty a true day of beauty because your whole look can be revitalized in one day. You can leave the salon a new woman!
So, next time you’re in the chair and ready for a color, make sure to ask your stylist if they use Olaplex!