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The Trick to Thick Hair

You know the women you see when luxurious waves of flowing thick hair?  Do you find yourself jealous of those women?  Well, it takes just one to tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Thick hair means that while you may have body for days, sometimes it can feel like it takes days to make all that hair manageable.  If you are a member of the thick tresses troupe, read on for how to make those locks more tamable.

When your hair is healthy, it’s more docile, so cutting back on the number of washes a week will help to keep its natural oils and maintain its shine and moisture.  The best strategy is to wash your hair every other day.  Also, using a sulfate-free conditioner when you do wash will help to keep your hair hydrated and supple, preventing breakage and warding off the dreaded frizz.

After washing your hair it’s at its most fragile, since it’s frailest when wet. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel or brushing when wet can damage it.  So, remember to pat or blot your hair dry and tame the tangles with a wide-toothed comb.

Air drying is always the best option, but thick hair can take half the day to dry on its own and using a hot blow dryer every day can lead to other problems.   So, what options does that leave the abundantly-haired?  The answer is simple, let your hair partially dry before taking the blow dryer to it, and use the lowest heat setting that you can to keep those follicles frizz-free.

Another tool to put in your arsenal is to make sure you keep up with trims.  Split ends can make thick hair appear frizzy and dull, so make sure every 6-8 weeks you see your stylist.

Thick hair is already, well, thick, so there’s no need to weight it down with products that are supposed to add texture like gels and mousse.  Try a spray gel to add a little bit of volume in a manageable way.

Product isn’t the only thing that can weight down your hair. Simply having a lot of hair the same length can do the job too.  So, think of incorporating some layers into your style.  It will add lightness and bounce.

Let’s talk accessories.  The bows and the clips are cute, but thick hair doesn’t need the bells and whistles to stand out!  Plus, those accessories are not going to help keep your hair in place.  If you want to add a little flair you’ll need to pick up something heavy duty that can provide extra hold.

If you’ve reached a point where you just can’t take it anymore, thinning shears can be an option.  They remove bulk from your hair, but must be wielded by a professional, so make sure you discuss it with your stylist.

If all else fails, go for the braid!  There are going to be days that this hair will just not be tamed, so throw it in a cute braid and do what a cliché mobster does in the movies and just fuhgeddaboudit. 

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Accessory to Awesome Hair

Are you sick of the same old hair tie?  Well, welcome to the future of unique and chic hair accessories, my friend!  Let this serve as a guide to a few accoutrements that are sure to compliment your crown.

Headbands are an essential in any girl’s glam pack. You can go big, or you can go understated, it’s up to you.  If simple is your staple, try a skinny black headband for a minimal but very fashionable look. Or if you want to channel your inner earth child, try a floral headband that winds together delicate flowers to highlight your hairdo.

Clips come in many forms from big to small, to bedazzled to basic.  They’re another great tool to have at your disposal.  You can go with the classic black clip to sweep your bangs away from your face, or the classy circle clip to help bring out your Grecian Goddess.

Rosie the riveter still has it going on and the proof is that the head wrap really never went out of style.  Velvet head wraps can add sophistication to a bad hair day, or some whimsy to a night out.

So, get creative with those hair accessories and get out of your hair tie rut.  You may be at the forefront of the next fashion trend!

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Bad Habits That Thin Hair

Have you ever heard the saying “You can never be too rich or too thin”?  While those facts are debatable  it is most likely guaranteed that you never want the word “thin” to be used in combination with your hair.  However, thinning hair for some women is a reality, and there are actually bad habits that people practice that can lead to thinning hair.  Here are the mane mistakes that women make that may, unknowingly, be making hair thinner.

Do you often enjoy a hot, steamy shower?  If the answer is yes, then proceed with caution.  Hot water dehydrates your skin and your hair, and that can lead to brittle locks that are more prone to breakage.  And that leads to thinning hair.  The hot water also washes away your scalps natural oils, which throws the pores into overdrive to try and produce more.  Those poor, overworked pores may then damage your roots, which in turn lead to additional hair loss.  All you have to do to remedy this is to take a warm shower, and when it comes to rinsing those ringlets, take the temp down even further.

There are a lot of harsh realities in this life, and one of them is that the more hot styling tools you use on your hair, the more prone you make it to breakage.  The high temps damage the proteins in your hair’s protective cuticle and once the cuticle is damaged, the moisture balance is thrown out of whack and then it’s sayonara strands! Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut out hot styling tools all together, but limit their usage to two or three times a week and use the coolest setting possible.  And don’t forget the heat-protection spray.  That will help to protect those treasured tresses.

Turns out, what you put in your mouth is nearly as important as what you put on your head.  When you crash diet and don’t consume enough calories it forces your body to but it’s energy towards more essential functions, and maintaining healthy hair is not essential.  This one is easy to combat, just eat a healthy and well balanced diet with plenty of lean protein and good fats.

Make sure you treat those tresses right when they are at their most vulnerable – when they’re wet right after you shower.  Forceful towel drying or brushing when wet can snap that hair right off.  The good news is that combing or brushing your hair before it’s wet and then blotting your hair dry can help to keep those strands firmly connected to your head.

It’s awards show season, and no doubt you may be tempted to try some of those fabulous sweeping up-dos you see on your favorite celebrity, but try to reign that urge is.  Tight hairstyles, even too-tight ponytails- can put too much tension on the hair follicle, damaging them perhaps even permanently.  Once the follicle is damaged, it may not be able to grow hair again.  Wear your hair down whenever possible, and if you wear it up go for a loose and soft up do.  If your skin is pulling, then it’s way too tight.

The words “All Day Mega Hold” may be tempting when choosing hair products, but it’s best to avoid any product that makes long lasting promises.  They make your hair harder mostly through high alcohol content and that can cause your hair to become brittle and dry.  Thus, when you go to brush your hair out it can cause the hair to break and fall out.  No Bueno.  The answer is simple, if the product makes your hair stiff and/or sticky, just say no! Styling creams that keep your hair moisturized are the best way to go.

This one may be tough to hear, so brace yourselves.  Hormonal changes can cause shedding or thinning of hair in some women, which means the wrong oral birth control pill can weaken your hair.  Pills that contain androgens can cause hair loss to someone who is sensitive, so if you notice your hair thinning after starting a new pill, consult with your doctor and see if there’s a better option. It’s also important to note that other medications, like certain anti-depressants, statins, and some thyroid medications can cause hair loss.  Just like with the birth control pill, if you start something new and notice changes in your hair, as your doctor about alternatives.

If you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp this can also contribute to hair loss.  Regular and constant scratching can damage the cuticle and once that’s damaged, the hair is susceptible to breakage.  There’s no shame in saving that mane by switching to a shampoo especially formulated for scalp itch such as Head & Shoulders.  And if over-the-counter products don’t help to tame the tickle, then consult your doc for a prescription shampoo.

We’ve said that washing hair too much and with water that is too hot can cause hair breakage, but it turns out that washing hair too little can also be a problem.  Product or dandruff can build up on the scalp clogging hair follicles and making it problematic for hair to grow. The general rule of thumb here is to wash your hair every other day.  This is the “just right” Goldilocks zone that can help to keep those locks firmly on your head.

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