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Dallas Hair Trends

Want to stay on the cutting edge of hair trends this season? With a little help from the runways – from Michael Kors to Betsey Johnson – the latest hair trends are sleek, modern and best of all easy for you to do at home. Here are the latest hair trends that will keep you on the cutting edge of hair fashion!

Textured waves are in. Best of all, they are a snap for you to do. After all, you’re supposed to look like you’re fresh off the beach for this one. All you need is a curling iron, setting spray a little bit of time to texture those tresses. First, you’ll need to get the right curling iron. If you have fine hair a ¾ inch will do, and for medium to thick hair you’ll want a 1 to 1 ¼ inch curling iron to do the work. Start at the nape of your neck with sections that are about 2 inches wide and 1 inch high. Spray each section with a light hairspray before winding your hair around the curling iron like candy cane stripes. Make sure to wind the hair in different directions to avoid looking too pagent-y and stay about 2 inches away from the scalp so that your root stays flat. After you’ve curled your hair all over, flip your head upside down and run your fingers through it. Give it as much volume as you please and then give it one more blast of spray. Voila! You’re ready to make a statement!

You can say the blowout is back, but in truth it never really went away! If you’re ready to turn up the volume with your hairstyle, then give this one a try. For this look, you’ll need to prepare your wet hair with a volumizing spray. Then rough dry your hair about ¾ of the way dry, then grab a medium-sized round brush and take sections of your hair that about the width of the brush – usually about 2 inches wide. Blow-dry each section, wrapping your hair around the brush as you dry. You want to keep it taut but be careful not to pull too much. To maximize the volume you’re creating, you want to move the hairy dryer and not the brush and be careful to keep the hair wound around the brush as you dry. Systematically work in sections until you’re finished. A tip: if your hair is fine pin each section for extra hold. Once done, give a final spritz with light hair spray and once all the sections are cooled off, run your fingers through your hair for a sensual look.

If you’re a gal on the go there’s nothing better than a pretty ponytail. Using a flat bristle brush, pull your hair up high and keep it sleek and the more bristles on your brush, the smoother the final product will be. After you’ve got the pony tied up in the saddle, you can tease your tail for a little more volume then spritz lightly with hairspray for the final finish. Here’s a tip: this ponytail style is a great second-day look for the other two styles mentioned above!

So, there you have it! You’re now ready to go out on the town in style!

How to style a lob or a bob

So, you’ve done it. You’ve gone for the lob or its shorter cousin the bob, but what now? How can you keep that cut looking like you just left the salon every day? Following a few simple steps will help you take that lob or bob from at home ordinary to just-left-the-salon extraordinary.

First, prep your hair. A light weight mousse will work just fine for this; just make sure to distribute it evenly with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Remember, never brush wet hair! Now, begin rough drying it with your hair dryer, using your fingers to work the warm air through those tresses. Next, channel that inner head banger and give your hair a good flip to the opposite side as you dry. This is not only fun, but keeps your hair from falling flat. Once it’s dry you can gently comb through it with a detangling brush if needed.

Next is curling. Don’t worry, breaking your hair out into sections makes this step a breeze. Dividing each side of your hair into three horizontal sections that are curled in different directions will help achieve the look you’re going for.
• Start with one side, clipping off the section next to it. Use a 1 ¼” barrel curling iron to curl the pieces of this section away from your face. Remember to drag the curling iron out as you curl your hair by inching it towards the end and lightly dragging it out when you’ve almost reached the end.
• Now, move the clip to clip off the third section of hair and curl the second section forward or toward your face.
• Next, the third section comes down, and this should be curled away from your face just as the first section was.
• Repeat this on the other side of your head, making sure you still alternate the direction of your curl in each section.
After you are done curling you can spritz your hair with some lightweight hairspray. Remember, there’s no need to add hairspray before you curl because the mousse should give you all the styling hold you need at this point. If you take nothing else away from this tutorial just note that the curls should not be combed out until they’ve cooled! This will help to ensure your hair actually takes the curl. You don’t want to put in all this work for nothing!
Now to finish!
• Work your hands through your hair in a scrunching motion
• The tousled look will begin to emerge. Set this with a mix of serum and a lightweight pomade worked in at the root to add texture. Whatever is left on your hands should be dragged out to the ends
• Check the sides and back with a hand mirror and add a little spray if needed.
Voila! Lob or bob perfection!

The Bob

When you think of a bob cut, your mind may take you back into the roaring 1920’s. However, with a 21st century update the bob is as banging as ever. If you’re considering a bob, here are a few things to note to see if a bob makes the cut!

A bob basically means that your hair clears your shoulders, even if just by a little bit. When thinking of taking the Magic Hair Bus to Bob Town, know your limitations. If you have extra wide shoulders or a short neck, a bob length probably won’t work for you. Going a bit longer (hello lob!) or a bit shorter will help to accentuate your natural beauty. Plus, when you go with a bob your hair no longer can cover anything you may not like since it puts your shoulders, neck, chin, face and jawline on display for the world. Chances are that people want to see more of you, but if it’s something you just aren’t comfortable with there may be better options. Bobs also look good with almost any texture. If the bob had a creed it would be “Give me your curly, your wavy, your baby fine tresses”. Bangs are perfectly welcomed with a bob as well, but make sure that the bangs blend well with the texture.

If you decide to go all in with a bob, talk to your stylist. Bring pictures from Pinterest, Instagram or any of the abundance of hair style sites on the internet as a reference. A good stylist will embrace these and talk with you to make sure you’re getting what you want. Ask for a textured bob that clears your shoulders and let them know where you’d like it to fall when it’s dry.

So how much maintenance do bobs require? It really depends on you, but having a good styling wand or flat iron will keep that bob looking its best. Also, pairing a good mousse to apply when it’s wet with water-based pomade after it is styled is a must.

The thing about a bob is that it will require more frequent trimmings since it tends to grow out fast. A cut every 4-6 weeks will keep it looking lush. However, going longer between trimmings will only turn your bob into a fabulous lob, so frequent cuts are not a must. It really just depends on the look you’re going for.
So, are you ready to place your bet on a bob?