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How to Get the Perfect Curl

Do you ever see a woman out and about with the most perfect coiffured curls on the planet and wonder how in the heck she does it? How many times have you spent more than few minutes attempting to get the perfect curl only to have it fall out an hour later? Well, there’s help! Here’s how to get your hair to hold a curl, no matter what!

Just Say No to Conditioner

Over-conditioning is a common problem, and this makes hair simply too slippery to hold a curl. If you have to use conditioner when preparing to curl, go super light with it.

Mousse Prep

When it comes to mousse, too much is always better than not enough! Take a baseball-size mound or more, depending on how much hair you have, and work it into damp or dry hair from the roots to the ends. The alcohol in the mousse gets the moisture out of your hair which is what allows it to hold your preferred style.

Prep and prep some more!

When you hair has fully dried, take one to two inch sections and mist with hair spray. Work from the bottom layers to the top before bringing in the curling iron.

Show Your Curl IQ

Curling irons are all about temperature. If you have thin hair the iron should be set to 300 degrees. Thicker tresses call for you to dial it up a notch, to 350 degrees. The size of the iron doesn’t matter, though most pros go for a 1 inch, just make sure to apply tension as you’re wrapping the hair around the iron and pull it away from your face until it feels tight. This will help to more evenly distribute heat.

Clip City

Ok, listen up because this is the most important part of your curl tutorial –after curling for five seconds, release the clamp and slide the curling iron out. Now, take a duckbill clip and clip the curl against your head. This will allow the curl to cool without shaking it out, which is a surefire way to lose the curl. Leave it clipped in place for at least 5 minutes, but 15 is better. Don’t touch it and when released, you’ll have a beautiful curl that will hold!

Shake it

Once your curls have cooled take the clip out and let your head hang back. Rumple the curls with your fingers. Make sure you leave your hair a bit curlier than you want it to be, because inevitably you will lose some curl. If you leave them a bit tighter it’ll be perfect as they loosen.

The Finish

Forget the hairspray – for this you’re going to want to use texturizing spray! Hairspray can be too heavy for curls and it will make them droop. Texturizing spray won’t weight you down!

Voila! You’ve not got perfect curls that will last all day (or night!) long!

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